If you want to decrease your personal reliance on all of the non-renewable energy sources such as oil as well as natural gas then making alternative home energy is what you are looking for.

I’m sure that you have noticed we have a very heavy dependency on burning up oil to make electricity. Americans particularly with all the current international oil which they head to battle about.

Not only is warfare caused by using oil and other non-renewable energy sources, but many people are beginning to see the environmental effect that it is causing. So from realizing what is happening many people around the world are taking it into their own hands to start making alternative energy at home to reduce their carbon footprint.

There are various ways in which we all can start making alternative energy to power our homes and to help the planet, they are; water power, biofuels, solar power, geothermal, and wind energy.

But many individuals get stuck on using just one of the alternative energy sources to make power, that is not the answer. If we really want to become independent from burning oil and other non-renewable energy sources then we have to use all the alternative sources to create electricity.

Let’s talk about the two main alternative home energy sources that you will want to be making to power your house.

The power of sunshine: The use of solar power has become more and more popular each and every day. Many people are using this great energy source to power the following: homes, cars, heating their swimming pool, and other appliances around the house.

In the past, it wasn’t cheap to have a solar panel installed at your house, but today, you can build your own solar panel for less than buying a new desktop computer. Discover how you can build solar panels at home for less than $200 bucks to begin powering your house.

Wind Energy: Like solar energy, people think the usage of the wind to make electrical power is new. But windmills have been around for many years. You see many individuals been using a windmill to pump water from wells and also to turn heavy rock to grind grain which will make flour, then that flour is used to bake food.

But nowadays you do not see most of that anymore. What you will notice now is that is called “wind farms” those are big wind generators acquiring the power of the wind to make green electricity. But I understand you wish to make your own wind turbine to make alternative home energy, so you definitely won’t be making one that is as big as one of those on wind farms. Simply click here to discover ways to build a small wind turbine that will produce a great deal of electrical energy for your household.

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