Welcome to The Istanbul Review

Founded by Miriam Johnson and Hande Zapsu Watt in 2014, The Istanbul Review began with a simple wish: to bring together writers, critics and those influential people from other walks of life whose lives have been changed by home improvement and who in turn change their sweet homes.  The journal exists to bridge gaps, to cross borders and to be a platform for world home improvement & decoration.

It is these goals that brought about the name The Istanbul Review. The capital of three empires, the center for travelers and trade, Istanbul has connected the East and the West for centuries. The city bridges continents and it is our hope that this journal will bridge gaps with the same flair.

We are committed to home improvement, home decoration, HVAC, home appliance and life hacks. The journal uses only sustainable resources and gives 2.5% of all profit to NGO’s working towards spreading literacy.


Editor-in-Chief: Hande Zapsu Watt

Managing Editor: Miriam Johnson

Non-Fiction Editor: Patrick Watt

Illustrator: Ayşegül Sınav

Design Consultants: Omer Zapsu & Sena Cevik Zapsu

Public Relations Manager: Blythe Robertson

Advertising Manager: Ayşe Taviloğlu