Cleaning your bed without changing the sheets is a great way to reduce your workload and conserve energy. Even if you don’t do it all the time, giving your bed a thorough cleaning once a month will help you feel refreshed and ready for the brand-new month ahead.

In this guide, we’ll provide tips and tricks for cleaning a bed quickly and effectively — without having to strip off the sheets every time.

Strip the bed down completely.

To begin, it’s important to strip down the bed completely and remove all of the sheets and blankets. Lay them somewhere to be laundered at a later time — you can use the time saved from not changing your sheets to do more laundry!

Vacuum off any crumbs and dirt that have built up on your mattress and rotate it so that any lumps or dips found in one position appear evened out. Now comes the fun part — cleaning!

Use the right cleaning solutions. Whether it’s a mattress, your duvet or pillows they all need to be cleaned regularly. Before you get started, it’s important to know which cleaning solution is best for what.

Vacuum and dust your bed frame and headboard.

Now it’s time to give your bed frame a good dusting and vacuuming. Use a vacuum cleaner’s wand extension to get into any tight areas like slats or seams in the headboard.

Vacuum and dust your mattress. If you have a vacuum with a wand attachment, use it to clean your mattress. You can find a variety of attachments online, or at any hardware or home improvement store.

Make sure to move and lift furniture so that you can reach all of the nooks, crannies, and crevices. Vacuum and dust thoroughly for a spotlessly clean bed!

Vacuum all mattress surfaces, crevices and seals.

Vacuum the top, sides, and bottom of your mattress to remove dirt buildup and dust mites. Start off by vacuuming all of the crevices and seals, then move up to the mattress itself.

Pay close attention to areas such as seams, buttons, and tufts. Use a extension wand to clear dirt away from cracks and crevices.

Finally, vacuum each individual side several times for a complete clean!

bed cleaning guide

Use baking soda to draw out any odors from your mattress or pillows.

Sprinkle baking soda on top of the mattress or pillows and let it sit for an hour or two. The baking soda will help to draw out any odors and leave a light, refreshing smell.

After an hour or two, vacuum up the baking soda with your vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming is a simple and effective way to remove dust and allergens from your mattress. It also helps to distribute the baking soda evenly throughout the mattress. For extra freshness, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the baking soda before sprinkling it onto the mattress.


Vacuuming your mattress is a simple and effective way to remove dust, dirt, and allergens. This will help to increase the lifespan of your mattress. It will also make it smell fresher. Vacuuming is especially important if you have pets or children in your house.

As you can see, there is a lot more to mattress cleaning than just throwing your mattress in the washing machine. In order to maintain the quality of your mattress and keep it smelling fresh, you should clean your mattress regularly. Although it may be tempting to just buy a new mattress every few years, you will save money in the long run by keeping your current mattress clean and fresh.

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